Curated Documents News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Documents conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Announcing the general availability of Azure Ultra Disk Storage (08-15-2019)
ServerlessPDF Generation (08-14-2019)
But Why? APIs: Google vs. Dropbox (08-01-2019)
Document Detection, Enhancement, and Preprocessing API (01-29-2019)
SignEasy launches an easy (12-06-2018)
Filestack OCR for Taxes (11-21-2018)
QAT: The QCRI Advanced Transcription and Translation System (10-06-2018)
Google Drive 'Priority' AI monitors your team to surface the right files (09-22-2018)
How to use a REST API to Convert Document formats (09-20-2018)
Why OCR for IDs? (08-30-2018)
CloudBrowser Screenshot and PDF Creation API (08-22-2018)
How to Convert Pages to Doc, PDF, JPG and more (08-13-2018)
Should You Be Using OCR for Documents? (07-12-2018)
Automate paperwork and never manually copy data from a PDF again with Box and Docparser (06-28-2018)
Datamolino (06-27-2018)
Google Search Indexing (06-26-2018)
DocRaptor and Its Python APIs (02-20-2018)
capitalone/oas (02-19-2018)
Visual Integrity releases version 11 of PDK SDK trio (02-13-2018)
Google's Apps Script for G Suite Adds API (01-12-2018)
Why I'm Betting on Web Components (and You Should Think About Using Them Too) (11-28-2017)
The Data Storage Explosion (11-24-2017)
How designers use Dropbox Paper embeds to simplify their workflow (11-13-2017)
Datafiniti Completes The Last Phase of Elasticsearch Migration with Overhaul of Property API (11-09-2017)
DocuSign expands options and integrations to make tech easier for real estate agents (11-03-2017)
DocuSign for Salesforce Developers at Dreamforce (10-27-2017)
Google Adds Improvements to Data Loss Prevention API (10-26-2017)
Tutorial: Building and consuming Virtual Microdatabase with JBoss Data Virtualization (10-25-2017)
Microsoft drops lawsuit after DOJ limits use of gag orders when accessing customer data (10-23-2017)
Find your unprotected Amazon S3 buckets with this free tool (10-19-2017)
GitHub (10-19-2017)
Check out the new example in the sandbox section of Squares developer docs (10-18-2017)
Announcing updates to our Terms of Service and Pricing (10-18-2017)
Dropbox Showcase Share your work with partners and clients beautifully (10-17-2017)
Dropbox Professional delivers new account option for freelancers and creatives (10-17-2017)
Dropbox targets freelancing workers with new 'Professional' tier (10-17-2017)
Introducing Dropbox Professional: Powerful tools to showcase your work (10-17-2017)
Box Introduces Box Skills and Box Skills Kit Machine Learning Tools (10-11-2017)
TensorFlow Lattice: Flexibility Empowered by Prior Knowledge (10-11-2017)
Introducing the Box Skills Kit (10-11-2017)
Box Graph unleashes relationships between content and users (10-11-2017)
Box Skills applies AI and machine learning to growing multimedia content (10-11-2017)
Tensorflow & PyTorch Design Tradeoffs (10-10-2017)
Improve OCR Results with Filestack (10-05-2017)
ActivePDF Releases DocSight OCR 2017 R2.0 (10-05-2017)
MeaningCloud Document Structure Analysis API (10-02-2017)
Digital transformation: How machine learning could help change business (09-20-2017)
Comparing the Top Computer Vision APIs for OCR (09-12-2017)
Paradatec Releases Innovative Web Services API Dynamic New Integration Supports On (09-12-2017)
Taxman taps apps to make filing returns less taxing (09-01-2017)
Dropbox Adds Document Creation and Editing Endpoint to Dropbox Paper API (09-01-2017)
Introducing new features that make teamwork easier (08-30-2017)
Backblazes unlimited backup service increases upload and restore speeds, adds file sharing and more (08-10-2017)
Acquiring Data for Document Classification (08-09-2017)
General Availability: Azure Media Redactor (08-09-2017)
Train a Machine to Turn Documents into Keywords, via Document Classification (08-07-2017)
TensorFlow Serving 1.0 (08-07-2017)
Google Drive API v3Files Resource (08-07-2017)
Box introduces Box Elements, pre (07-14-2017)
Northern Trail Outfitters: New Sample Application with Lightning Components, Platform Events, and Salesforce DX (07-13-2017)
Box introduces Box Elements, pre (07-13-2017)
Box UI Elements Bring customizable parts of the Box UI to your own apps (07-13-2017)
Visualizing Smog Sensor Data with the help of Vert.x, Prometheus, and Grafana (07-06-2017)
PDFfiller Announces the Release of API 2.0 (06-25-2017)
Box Platform on AWS Marketplace Lambda Blueprints & Sample Code (06-14-2017)
Introduction to the eversign Electronic Signature API (05-30-2017)
Augmented camera previews for the Dropbox Android Document Scanner (05-03-2017)
Paper 101: How to embed rich media in your Dropbox Paper docs (04-25-2017)
Office 365 Connectors and WebHooks: Part 1 (04-20-2017)
3 ways to get more work done on the go using Dropbox Paper (04-18-2017)
Generating slides from spreadsheet data (03-02-2017)
Adding text and shapes with the Google Slides API (02-23-2017)
How to Format Text with the Google Slides API (01-07-2017)
Formatting text with the Google Slides API (12-14-2016)
Formatting text with the Google Slides API (12-14-2016)
Box beefs up cloud storage security and IT controls (11-05-2016)
Introducing the new DocRaptor Pipeline (11-03-2016)
Google Drive + Slack (10-19-2016)
Dropbox rolls out PDF signing, iMessage integrations and picture-in-picture on iOS (10-11-2016)
Announcing Android add-ons for Docs and Sheets (09-29-2016)
Auto-generating Google Forms (09-29-2016)
Enhanced third-party access protection for Google Sheets (09-29-2016)
Evolution to RESTful with NoSQL Documents (09-21-2016)
Box Introduces Updated Developer Platform and New UI APIs BoxWorks (09-12-2016)
Tweet: We're continuing to expand support for our developer ecosystem, making it easier than ever to build on Box (09-08-2016)
Box's developer platform revamped with new content types, UI tools (09-08-2016)
Use LDA to Classify Text Documents (09-08-2016)
Dropbox hack 'affected 68 million users' (08-31-2016)
Our new integration with @screenmeet allows users to share content from Box in real-time (08-24-2016)
Fast Document Rectification and Enhancement (08-16-2016)
Fast and Accurate Document Detection for Scanning (08-09-2016)
Tweet: Today we're introducing an entirely new Android application, built on Box Android SDKs (08-03-2016)
HelloSign Announces eSignature API Feature Updates (07-14-2016)
Introducing the Box Node.js SDK (07-14-2016)
Microsoft Launches Azure Information Protection for Documents (07-11-2016)
New improved photo, video and document sharing on Skype (07-05-2016)
Dropbox adds a document scanner and a bunch of new productivity features (06-22-2016)
Introducing Google Docs Integration with Cacoo! (06-20-2016)
How Flex Integrated Office 365 with Box (06-08-2016)
Dropbox EMM support now available on iOS, Android (05-25-2016)
Announcing General Availability of Box Zones (05-23-2016)
Google Sheets and Slides Earn New APIs (05-19-2016)
How to Create Effective Document Templates (05-12-2016)
Dropbox?s new education tier has most of its business features for a third of the price (05-10-2016)
MySQL Document Store Developments (04-26-2016)
Link several BeeBole Timesheet accounts to your Google Apps domain (04-19-2016)
Facebook Messenger can now send and preview Dropbox files (04-11-2016)
Share Dropbox files directly from Facebook Messenger (04-11-2016)
Document workflows made easy with Podio and RightSignature (03-22-2016)
Download and Explore GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Libraries and Examples from within Visual Studio (03-22-2016)
Partnering with Okta to Power Mobility Management (03-17-2016)
The Epic Story of Dropbox?s Exodus From the Amazon Cloud Empire (03-15-2016)
Google Drive API vs Dropbox API (03-11-2016)
Google Docs now lets you export files as an EPUB ebook (03-08-2016)
Box Adds New Offerings to Box for Healthcare Targeted at Hospitals (02-29-2016)
8 ways you can use Dropbox on your next film (02-28-2016)
Google Docs now lets you edit and format text using your voice (02-24-2016)
Releasing Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET ? Simplest API To Get the Image or HTML Representation of The Document (02-19-2016)
Document Conversion | IBM Watson Developer Cloud (02-18-2016)
A New Way to Connect Physical Documents with Digital Work Environments (02-11-2016)
Under the Hood: Building a Mobile Document Scanner (02-11-2016)
Bringing Box Deeper into Life Sciences (02-10-2016)
Scaling Elasticsearch: Sharding and Availability for Millions of Documents (02-10-2016)
Box launches KeySafe service for secure storage of encryption keys (02-04-2016)
Introducing Box KeySafe (02-04-2016)
Microsoft Office Online now supports real-time coauthoring for Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, and Egnyte files (01-27-2016)
Sundance filmmakers from across the globe turn to Dropbox (01-21-2016)
Concord Releases API 2.0 for Its E-Signature Platform (01-11-2016)
A leaner and faster Google Drive API (12-15-2015)
Google Speeds up Drive API for Leaner Integration (12-15-2015)
Protectedpdf API Provides Integration Access to Vitrium's DRM (12-10-2015)
New API Makes It Easy to Integrate Secure Document Encryption With... (12-07-2015)
Box Announces Developer Platform General Availability (10-19-2015)
Announcing General Availability of Box Platform (10-15-2015)
Baidu Offers Up Free OCR API (09-25-2015)
Reduce Time Spent Collecting Signatures with Smartsheet and DocuSign (08-28-2015)
Box as a Healthcare Platform: the Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Content Layer (08-13-2015)
Nintex Acquires Drawloop Technologies (07-07-2015)
FINRA and SEC Compliance Capabilities Now Available for Financial Services Firms (06-29-2015)
Attach Google Drive files to Calendar Events with the Calendar API (06-26-2015)
Who Created PDF? (06-18-2015)
Box and Microsoft: Delivering on the Cloud's Promise (06-16-2015)
Box for Office Online debuts for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (06-16-2015)
Introducing Box for Office Online, A New Way to Work in the Cloud (06-16-2015)
DocuSign API Prebuilt Integration Now Available (06-11-2015)
Document Generation Presents Unique Challenges for the Media & Communication Industry (06-01-2015)
Do more with Dropbox on your desktop (05-22-2015)
GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Version 2.11.1 Released (05-15-2015)
Sharing 101: How to share a file in your Dropbox ? with a link (05-06-2015)
Docs, Sheets and Forms add-ons now open to all developers (04-23-2015)
Document previews on the web are now better than ever (03-31-2015)
Dropbox revamps its Web preview mode for docs, spreadsheets and PDFs (03-31-2015)
PandaDoc Seeks to Replace PDFs with New API (03-19-2015)
Box for Industries starts courting financial services (02-26-2015)
Box introduces specialized file retention and watermarking for financial services organizations (02-26-2015)
The Products that Power Box for Financial Services (02-26-2015)
Shake + Box (02-25-2015)
Upload from Dropbox (02-24-2015)
Enhanced Cells module Unit Tests for Aspose for Cloud Ruby SDK (01-28-2015)
Adding Metadata to Google Docs (01-28-2015)
More features to work with PDF Documents are now available in Aspose for Cloud Python SDK (01-07-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Documents Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

AWS CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is a managed service in the AWS Cloud that makes it simple and cost-effective to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for your website or application.Amazon CloudSearch supports 34 languages and popular search features such as highlighting, autocomplete, and geospatial search. For more information, see Benefits.

  • Add Tags
  • Build Suggesters
  • Create Domain
  • Define Analysis Scheme
  • Define Expression
  • Define Index Field
  • Define Suggester
  • Delete Analysis Scheme
  • Delete Domain
  • Delete Expression
  • Delete Index Field
  • Delete Suggester
  • Describe Analysis Schemes
  • Describe Availability Options
  • Describe Domains
  • Describe Expressions
  • Describe Index Fields
  • Describe Scaling Parameters
  • Describe Service Access Policies
  • Describe Suggesters
  • Index Documents
  • List Domain Names
  • List Tags
  • Remove Tags
  • Search Documents
  • Update Availability Options
  • Update Scaling Parameters
  • Update Service Access Policies

AWS Elasticsearch Service

Amazon Elasticsearch Service makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring, and more. Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed service that delivers Elasticsearch’s easy-to-use APIs and real-time capabilities along with the availability, scalability, and security required by production workloads. The service offers built-in integrations with Kibana, Logstash, and AWS services including Amazon Kinesis Firehose, AWS Lambda, and Amazon CloudWatch so that you can go from raw data to actionable insights quickly.

  • Add Tags
  • Create Elasticsearch Domain
  • Delete Elasticsearch Domain
  • Describe Elasticsearch Domain
  • Describe Elasticsearch Domain Config
  • Describe Elasticsearch Domains
  • List Domain Names
  • List Tags
  • Remove Tags
  • Update Elasticsearch Domain Config

AWS WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity.Users can comment on files, send them to others for feedback, and upload new versions without having to resort to emailing multiple versions of their files as attachments. Users can take advantage of these capabilities wherever they are, using the device of their choice, including PCs, Macs, tablets and phones. Amazon WorkDocs offers IT administrators the option of integrating with existing corporate directories, flexible sharing policies and control of the location where data is stored. Customers can get started using Amazon WorkDocs with a 30-day free trial providing 1 TB of storage per user for up to 50 users.Amazon WorkDocs offers an Administrative SDK, currently in public preview. The Administrative SDK allows you to integrate your applications with Amazon WorkDocs by performing content and permissions updates, and managing users, programmatically. You can sign-up for the public preview here. 

  • Abort Document Version Upload
  • Activate User
  • Add Resource Permissions
  • Create Folder
  • Create Notification Subscription
  • Create User
  • Deactivate User
  • Delete Document
  • Delete Folder
  • Delete Folder Contents
  • Delete Notification Subscription
  • Delete User
  • Describe Document Versions
  • Describe Folder Contents
  • Describe Notification Subscriptions
  • Describe Resource Permissions
  • Describe Users
  • Get Document
  • Get Document Path
  • Get Document Version
  • Get Folder
  • Get Folder Path
  • Initiate Document Version Upload
  • Remove All Resource Permissions
  • Remove Resource Permission
  • Update Document
  • Update Document Version
  • Update Folder
  • Update User

Azure DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed NoSQL document database service that offers querying and transaction-processing over schema-free data, predictable and reliable performance, and rapid development.

  • Database Accounts Check Name Exists
  • Database Accounts Create Or Update
  • Database Accounts Delete
  • Database Accounts Failover Priority Change
  • Database Accounts Get
  • Database Accounts List
  • Database Accounts List By Resource Group
  • Database Accounts List Connection Strings
  • Database Accounts List Keys
  • Database Accounts List Read Only Keys
  • Database Accounts Patch
  • Database Accounts Regenerate Key

Google Apps Admin SDK

Administer domain resources, create reports, and manage subscriptions. Use the Directory API to create and manage users and groups for a domain, along with their aliases. Programmatically access the functionality found at the Admin console Organization and users tab. Use the Reports API to gain insights on content management with Google Drive activity reports. Audit administrator actions. Generate customer and user usage reports.

  • Activate Subscription
  • Archive Mail
  • Assign License
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Change Activity
  • Create Customer
  • Create Subscription
  • Get Activities
  • Get Customer
  • Get Group
  • Get License
  • Get License Assignment For Product
  • Get License Assignment For User
  • Get Report by Date
  • Get Subscription
  • Get User Report by Date
  • Get Watch Details
  • List Subscriptions
  • Register Reseller
  • Revoke License
  • Stop Watching Resource
  • Suspect Subscription
  • Unregister Reseller
  • Update Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Update Group
  • Update Group
  • Update License
  • Update License
  • Update Subscription
  • Update Suscription License
  • Update User License
  • Upgrade Free Trial

Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service operated by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices, and share files. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more.

  • Copy File
  • Create File
  • Create File Comment
  • Create File Comment Reply
  • Create File Permission
  • Create Team Drive
  • CrGeteate Team Drive
  • Delete File
  • Delete File Comment
  • Delete File Comment Reply
  • Delete File Permission
  • Delete File Revision
  • Delete Team Drive
  • Empty Trash
  • Export File
  • Generate File IDs
  • Get About
  • Get Changes
  • Get File
  • Get File Comment
  • Get File Comment Replies
  • Get File Comment Reply
  • Get File Comments
  • Get File Permission
  • Get File Permissions
  • Get File Revision
  • Get File Revisions
  • Get Files
  • Get Start Page Token Changes
  • Get Team Drives
  • Stop Watching Changes
  • Update File
  • Update File Comment
  • Update File Comment Reply
  • Update File Permission
  • Update File Revision
  • Update Team Drive
  • Watch Changes
  • Watch File

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet app that lets users create and format spreadsheets and simultaneously work with other people. Google Sheets isn’t only for consumers: its used every day by businesses and schools to manage spreadsheet data. With the new Sheets API v4 and Sheets add-ons, that data can be accessed by code as well as users.

  • Append Values To Spreadsheet
  • Batch Update of Spreadsheet
  • Batch Update Spreadsheet
  • Clear Range of Value From Spreasheet
  • Clear Value From Spreadsheet
  • Copy Spreadsheet
  • Create Spreadsheet
  • Get Spreadsheet
  • Get Spreadsheet Metadata
  • Get Spreadsheet Values
  • Get Spreadsheet Values In Range
  • Get Value From Spreadsheet
  • Return Spreadsheet Ranges
  • Update Spreadsheet
  • Update Spreadsheet Metadata
  • Update Spreadsheets
  • Update Values In Spreadsheet

Google Slides

The Google Slides API lets you create and modify Google Slides presentations. Apps can integrate with the Google Slides API to create beautiful slide decks automatically from user- and system-provided data. For example, you could use customer details from a database and combine them with predesigned templates and selected configuration options to create finished presentations in a fraction of the time it would take to create them manually.

  • Create Presentation
  • Get Presentation
  • Get Presentation Page
  • Update Presentation


ABBYY is a leading provider of document conversion, data capture, and linguistic software and services. The key areas of ABBYY???s research and development include document recognition and linguistic technologies. ABBYY???s recognition technologies and products help people manage the increasing amount of information delivering powerful instruments which enable them to: unlock information from paper and images, automatically acquire data, and process and store valuable information. Using recognition and data capture products, people save money and effort typically spent on data entry, and benefit from the ability to access information in new, more efficient ways. Our linguistic products help break down language barriers, facilitating easier and clearer communication.


AssureSign boasts both enterprise and small business solutions, offers a partner program for integration, reseller and referral partners and is the only electronic signature solution to empower all users to create and own their entire signature experie...


Create PDF easily with our developers API/SDK for Ruby Java .NET C# PHP Shell Delphi.

  • Email to Image
  • Email to PDF
  • Excel to Image
  • Excel to PDF
  • Image to Image
  • Image to PDF
  • Journal to Image
  • Journal to PDF
  • Lotus to Image
  • Lotus to PDF
  • Open Office to Image
  • Open Office to PDF
  • PDF to Image
  • PDF to PDF
  • PDF to Power Point
  • Post Script to Image
  • Post Script to PDF
  • Power Point to Image
  • Power Point to PDF
  • Project to Image
  • Project to PDF
  • Publisher to Image
  • Publisher to PDF
  • Rich Text to Image
  • Rich Text to PDF
  • Snap Shot to Image
  • Snap Shot to PDF
  • Text to Image
  • Text to PDF
  • Visio to Image
  • Visio to PDF
  • Web to Image
  • Web to PDF
  • Word to Image
  • Word to PDF
  • Xps to Image
  • Xps to PDF


Why settle for less? Get the security, mobility, reliability, and ease of use you need to digitally transform your business, with DocuSign eSignature solutions.


GroupDocs offers .NET/Java libraries and cloud APIs that let you view, compare, annotate, sign and convert over 45 common document formats in your own app.


.NET Java Cloud SharePoint Android SSRS and JasperReports file format APIs for developers. Integrate in any enterprise level web desktop and mobile application

  • Delete Storage File Path
  • Delete Storage Folder Folder
  • Get Storage Disc
  • Get Storage Exist Path
  • Get Storage File Path
  • Get Storage Folder Folder
  • Post Storage File Path
  • Post Storage Folder Folder
  • Put Storage File Path


Sell music, comics, software, books, and films directly to your audience.

  • Delete Products
  • Delete Products Variant Categories
  • Delete Products Variant Categories Variant Category Variants
  • Get Products
  • Get Products
  • Get Products Custom Fields
  • Get Products Offer Codes
  • Get Products Offer Codes
  • Get Products Variant Categories
  • Get Products Variant Categories
  • Get Products Variant Categories Variant Category Variants
  • Post Products
  • Post Products Custom Fields
  • Post Products Offer Codes
  • Post Products Variant Categories
  • Post Products Variant Categories Variant Category Variants
  • Put Products
  • Put Products Custom Fields Name
  • Put Products Enable
  • Put Products Offer Codes
  • Put Products Variant Categories
  • Put Products Variant Categories Variant Category Variants


Quip changes the way teams work together. Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat in a simple interface that makes collaboration easy. With Quip, you work with people, not files. Thousands of companies from a wide range of industries have adopted Quip to make communication and collaboration more efficient.


PandaDoc is a document automation software as a service with built-in electronic signatures, workflow management, a document builder, and CPQ functionality. PandaDoc was developed in the summer of 2013 to solve a need for salespeople and small businesses to close deals faster by gaining insight into their prospects motivations and by allowing electronic signature acceptance.

Actual Reports

Actual Reports is a versatile document generation platform that is a foundation for multiple segment-specific products that help companies streamline their document generation process. Our line of products enable you to automate your document creation and delivery process, saving you time and money. Our main products are Document Creator for QuickBooks Online, Printout Designer for online retailers, and Document Generation API for developers.

Microsoft Office 365

Integrate Office 365 REST APIs powered by Microsoft Graph into your own app to connect to files, calendars, mail and more.

  • Add Calendar Groups
  • Add Calendar Groups
  • Add Calendar Groups Calendars
  • Add Calendars Calendar Events
  • Add Contact Folders Contact Folder Contacts
  • Add Contacts Contact
  • Add Contacts Contact Attachments
  • Add Events Event Accept
  • Add Events Event Decline
  • Add Events Event Tentatively Accept
  • Add Folders Folder
  • Add Folders Folder Messages
  • Add Messages Event Send
  • Add Messages Message Copy
  • Add Messages Message Create Reply All
  • Add Messages Message Createforward
  • Add Messages Message Createreply
  • Add Messages Message Forward
  • Add Messages Message Move
  • Add Messages Message Reply
  • Add Messages Message Replyall
  • Delete Calendar Groups
  • Delete Calendars Calendar
  • Delete Contacts Contact
  • Delete Contacts Contact Attachments
  • Delete Events Event
  • Delete Folders Folder
  • Delete Messages Message
  • Get All Services
  • Get Calendar
  • Get Calendar Groups
  • Get Calendar Groups
  • Get Calendar Groups Calendars
  • Get Calendars Calendar
  • Get Calendars Calendar Events
  • Get Contact Folders Contact Folder
  • Get Contact Folders Contact Folder Childfolders
  • Get Contact Folders Contact Folder Contacts
  • Get Contacts Contact
  • Get Contacts Contact Attachments
  • Get Events Event
  • Get Firstsignin
  • Get Folders Folder
  • Get Folders Folder Messages
  • Get Messages Message
  • Get Services
  • Parameters Calendar Groups
  • Parameters Calendar Groups Calendars
  • Parameters Calendars Calendar
  • Parameters Calendars Calendar Events
  • Parameters Contact Folders Contact Folder
  • Parameters Contact Folders Contact Folder Childfolders
  • Parameters Contact Folders Contact Folder Contacts
  • Parameters Contacts Contact
  • Parameters Contacts Contact Attachments
  • Parameters Events Event
  • Parameters Events Event Accept
  • Parameters Events Event Decline
  • Parameters Events Event Tentatively Accept
  • Parameters Folders Folder
  • Parameters Folders Folder Messages
  • Parameters Messages Event Send
  • Parameters Messages Message
  • Parameters Messages Message Copy
  • Parameters Messages Message Create Reply All
  • Parameters Messages Message Createforward
  • Parameters Messages Message Createreply
  • Parameters Messages Message Forward
  • Parameters Messages Message Move
  • Parameters Messages Message Reply
  • Parameters Messages Message Replyall
  • Patch Calendar Groups
  • Patch Calendars Calendar
  • Patch Contacts Contact
  • Patch Events Event
  • Patch Folders Folder
  • Patch Messages Message


SpringCM delivers an innovative document workflow and management platform, powering the leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) application.


The Apache Tika™ toolkit detects and extracts metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries. You can find the latest release on the download page. See the Getting Started guide for instructions on how to start using Tika. Tika is a project of the Apache Software Foundation, and was formerly a subproject of Apache Lucene.


Pdfcrowd is a Web/HTML to PDF online service. Convert HTML to PDF online in the browser or in your PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Java apps via the REST API.


PDFUnicorn is a web service for creating PDF files. PDF files can be created directly from source documents, or from data applied to custom templates. The markup language is intentionally simple to allow you to start creating templates and documents as quickly and easily as possible. Document content is securely sent from your server to ours enabling private customer text and images to be included without allowing remote access to your server and content. Document images can be uploaded at print quality resolutions to create the best looking documents possible.


FORM.FILL.SIGN - With Docsmore, the process of setting up a form and sending to users to complete or sign is simplified. Use our platform to easily upload a document, specify form fields/signage, and send to users for completion. Present forms to you...

  • Export As PDF
  • Fetch All Documents from Your Team Catalogue
  • Fetch Single Document
  • Get All Document Flows
  • Get Details of Single Webhook
  • Get List of Client Documents By Document ID
  • Get OAuth TOKEN
  • Get Raw Data For A Given Document
  • Get Workflow Link
  • Get Workflow Link For Flow Track
  • List all Webhooks
  • Returns raw data response as json FOR SINGLE CLIENT DOC
  • Subscribe To Webhook
  • Unsubscribe Webhook


NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management service that provides enterprise-level security, mobility, disaster recovery, and collaboration solutions for organizations with high data security requirements, such as law firms, financial i...


ONLYOFFICE is an online office suite integrated with a collaboration platform to manage documents, projects, team and customer relations in one place.


Almost everyone leaves digital traces of their personal data and identity on the internet. For example, when buying online or using social media. These activities are not always secure, and fraudsters are always looking for new ways to get hold of other peoples personal data. That is precisely why Digidentity was founded ten years ago: to improve the protection of internet users digital identity and to make their online lives safer.


Integra Ledger is an enterprise blockchain designed specifically for the world’s legal industry. It integrates with existing legal software to improve data integrity, security, interoperability, and productivity.

  • IdentityExists (GET)
  • KeyForOwner (GET)
  • RegisterIdentity (POST)
  • RegisterKey (POST)
  • ValueExists (GET)